CCBC is transitioning to BikeCulverCity (Advocacy, Education, Outreach)

A local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Bike Route – Veterans Park to Downtown

Here’s a nice residential route from Veterans Park area to Downtown Culver City (route map).

From the Veterans Park neighborhood, go South to Franklin Ave on either Elenda St or Coombs Ave.  Franklin Ave becomes Farragut Dr as you cross at the Overland Ave. traffic light.

Stay on Farragut Dr all the way into the cul-de-sac past Jasmine Ave — here you’ll see a path that is open to pedestrians and cyclists.  In consideration of the surrounding residents, please walk your bike through the Jackson-Jasmine Passage.

Once you’re through the passageway,  continue on Farragut Dr, turning left on Lincoln Ave (the block before Duquesne).  Turn right on Braddock Dr, and go until you hit Linwood Howe Elementary School at Irving Pl.  Turn left, and go up into Downtown Culver City.

There are bike racks on Irving Pl next to Santa Maria BBQ, as well as in the Downtown Plaza, in front of SportEve, and in front of Trader Joe’s.


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