BikeCulverCity Minutes

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
4117 Overland
Next meeting: April 12, 2016

Attendees: Steve Herbert, David Coles, Melodie Bryant, Steve Boyd, Michelle Weiner, Kristen Pawling, Alex Fisch, Mark Mallare, Gary Vogan, Julie Mendel, Wayne Howard

1. Name Change & Decision-Making Process. The LACBC Board did not vote on our name change from Culver City Bicycle Coalition to Bike Culver City last month. Members present discussed the change and process leading up to last month’s Steering Committee vote. There was a consensus that we should go forward with the name change as previously discussed — form a Branding & Marketing Subcommittee to develop a plan and materials, and launch publicly as Bike Culver City in May. Members present also expressed concern at the current size of our Steering Committee. All agreed that the size of the Steering Committee should be addressed as soon as possible through the work of the Rules of Governance Subcommittee. No formal vote was taken.

2. Subcommittees Formed. Our subcommittees are officially formed; descriptions and links to join are below.

– Branding & Marketing. BikeCulverCity is planning to launch during Bike Week in May 2016. This group/sub-committee is for planning all of the branding and marketing (logo, website, brochures, stickers, etc.) for BikeCulverCity. For now, this group will also include event planning with a future goal of creating a separate Events Planning Sub-Committee. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Grants. This group/sub-committee is dedicated to researching and finding available grants that BikeCulverCity could potentially apply for. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Advocacy. As you all know, Culver City is in the midst of many changes. If you’re interested in lending your voice to advocate for a better walkable and bikeable Culver City, this group is for you. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Rewriting our Rules of Governance. We are a chapter of the Los Angeles county Bicycle Coalition and with that comes rules. This group/sub-committee is for anyone interested in helping us write our Rules of Governance for BikeCulverCity. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Culver City Centennial Celebration. Culver City is celebrating its 100th Birthday this year. This group/sub-committee is for planning how BikeCulverCity plans to be involved. To join this subcommittee, click here.

3. Climate Ride. Join Team LACBC for Climate Ride on the California North Coast this May! Climate Ride California North Coast is a gorgeous cycling adventure that begins in California’s historic Redwood Empire near Eureka, travels along the scenic coast, and ventures into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Climate Ride California is more than a bike trip—it’s an inspiring journey with like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles—the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. This 5-day journey has riders covering 40-70 miles per day of carefully planned routes on scenic back roads. The ride is fully supported, with Climate Ride staff taking care of meals, snacks, mechanical support, luggage transport, and other logistics. The dates for 2016 are May 22 to May 26.

When you join Team LACBC and choose LACBC as your sole beneficiary, a portion of the money you raise will support LACBC’s — and BikeCulverCity’s — work to make LA County and Culver City in particular a healthy, safe, and fun place to ride a bike. Each rider has to raise a minimum of $2,800 — don’t worry if that sounds intimidating! Team LACBC has lots of experience in this area and can help you reach your fundraising goals. To learn more about Climate Ride and join Team LACBC, click here.

Next meeting: April 12, 2016