CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Samosa House East

Attendees: Wayne Howard, Mark Mallare, Jim Shanman, Eric Bruins, David Coles, Michelle Weiner, Craig Tabita, Petra Staeel, Steve Herbert, Julie Mendel, Gary Vogan, Patrick Murray, Karim Sahli

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

  1. Voting Eligibility & January’s Motions. Chairman Wayne Howard clarified that, based on our current Rules of Governance (available here), only members of the Steering Committee are eligible to bring, second and vote on motions. (Chairman Wayne Howard, Co-Chair Mark Mallare and Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel currently comprise the Steering Committee.) This rule thus invalidates the second two motions approved during January’s meeting (one that creates four subcommittees and one that establishes a process for identifying subcommittee chairs). These two motions were not seconded by a member of the Steering Committee. To correct these, the Steering Committee voted on the following motions:
  • A. After discussion regarding the necessity of putting a cap on the size of subcommittees, Chairman Wayne Howard brought a motion to establish four subcommittees (a Rules of Governance Subcommittee, a Rebranding Subcommittee, an Advocacy Subcommittee and a Centennial Subcommittee), each requiring a minimum of two members and with no limit on the maximum number of members. Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel seconded this this motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by unanimous vote.
  • B. Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel brought a motion to put out an electronic call for subcommittee chairs, with the deadline to hear back from interested parties as March 1. Co-Chair Mark Mallare seconded this motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by unanimous vote.
  1. 8777 Washington Blvd. Chairman Wayne Howard and Member Jim Shanman met with the PR representative of the firm developing the lot on Washington and National where Surfas Culinary District currently stands. (To see renderings of the proposed project and sign up for updates, see here.) Wayne and Jim briefed the representative on concerns about the development from a cyclist/pedestrian perspective, and suggested the developer consider putting in a two-way cycle track to safely connect Washington to Venice and a bike rental program for residents. Members present also discussed possibility of hosting a bike valet during the next community meeting, for which a date has not been set. We will be sure to let members know when the date for the next community meeting is announced.
  1. Name Change. Chairman Wayne Howard brought a motion to bring CCBC’s planned name change to Bike Culver City to the next LACBC Board meeting (Wednesday, Feb 10) for their approval. After a lengthy discussion, Co-Chair Mark Mallare seconded the motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by a 2-1 vote.

If you would like to bring items to the Steering Committee’s attention between meetings – or have any questions, comments or feedback – please contact us at

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 8, 2016. For a full list of our public meetings in 2016, see this list. Our meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.