CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attendees: Jim Shanman, Emily Hautamaki, Wayne Ridetime Howard, Patrick Murray, Craig Tabita, Julie Mendel, Eric Bruins, Eric Weinstein, Steve Herbert, Alex Fisch, Christina Batteate

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 13, 6:30-8:00pm. Location TBC.

1. We elected new officers! As Jim mentioned in his brief note last week, the coalition has taken a big step forward and elected officers. Join us in welcoming Wayne ‘Ridetime’ Howard as Chairman, Julie Mendel as Secretary, and Eric Weinstein as Treasurer. A Co-Chair/Vice President position is still open, so please join us at the next meeting if you’re interested in putting your name forward — or casting your vote!

Wayne, Julie, and Eric are copied on this email, so feel free to reach out to them or to our general email address at if you have any questions or comments.

2. Where are we on the Internet? As one of our officers’ first acts, we’ll be taking a closer look at our website ( and social media presence and evaluating how we can up our game. Stay tuned for more.

Action item: Wayne and Julie to work on a website restructuring proposal and social media strategy.

3. Bike Valet. Rolling off our success hosting the bike valet at August’s Ciclavia, we’re looking into building our bike valet-ing capacity and offering that service at more community events around Culver City. Led by Patrick — thanks, Patrick! — we’ve identified a lightweight, portable rack brand for purchase, the same racks LACBC uses for their bike valets. Purchasing our own racks would save us from having to borrow or rent equipment and lug it across town. Next up is figuring out a longer-term storage solution (operating hours are key here). We’ll be discussing storage options at our next meeting.

Action item: Jim to investigate using a Boy Scouts’ storage facility that the City also has access to.

4. Ride Marshals and planning for future group rides. Folks expressed an interest in hosting CCBC group rides, because a) they’re fun and b) they’re a great way to reach out to our neighbors and our community. As part of an earlier agreement with the Culver City Safe Routes to School Program, we’re also on the hook for assisting with planning and leading family/community rides.

One important foundation for a successful group ride program is making sure we’ve got people who are trained in safely and responsibly guiding group rides. At our next meeting, we’ll be discussing (and voting on) what the criteria should be for a CCBC group ride leader, be it LACBC’s Ride Marshal Training (which a few members of our coalition attended this past Saturday), C.I.C.L.E.’s equivalent training, the traffic skills and group riding workshops offered by the League of American Bicyclists, an actual certification as a League Cycling Instructor, or some combination of all of these. Join the discussion on October 13th.

Michele and Julie are also heading up a ride exploration and planning committee, so email Julie if you’re interested in participating. Finally, the Culver City Safe Routes to School Ride is planning a family ride on Sunday, November 15.

5. Next meeting’s agenda. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30pm, location to be confirmed. We’ll be discussing bike valet storage options, criteria for ride marshals, website redesign, and voting for a co-chair/vice president.