Culver City Opens its First Bike Corral!

The first bike corral in Culver City has made its debut. Located at the corner of Washington and Jean (in front of the Conservatory), the corral can put 10 bikes in the place of one car. The brainchild of councilmember Jeff Cooper, the corral not only makes good economic senses (9 extra customers can park more easily), but is safer too. One less car parked at the corner will increase visibility for cars entering Washington from Jean. Not to mention the convenience of customers being able to lock up safely (there were no racks at this location previously). Stay tuned for updates on a grand opening ceremony.
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5 Responses to Culver City Opens its First Bike Corral!

  1. Steve T says:

    Brilliant! I frequently ride to Conservatory to stock up on beans, but there has not been a good place to lock the bike. This is perfect.

  2. Mark Elliot says:

    This is great! It leaves my city of Beverly Hills as the last on the Westside not to have installed a corral. But then we haven’t installed a rack in many years.
    I wonder if there are other corral locations on corners in CC where there is no right turn permitted (a one way street enters the intersection there) so that there’s not the argument for inhibiting turning vehicles. We’ve identified a place for our first corral, which we’ll present to our Traffic & Parking commissioners on Aug. 2nd. Maybe our commissioners will side 3-2 against racks too – just like that majority opposed the most minimal of safety improvements – sharrows! – for our two busiest candidate bike route corridors in BH.

  3. Steve says:

    Nice first step, but I would hope that future corrals be designed more attractively.

  4. Maggie says:

    Way to go CC!

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