Help Make Culver City Parks More Bike and Ped Accessible!

North East Trees is working on a grant with Culver City to improve passive recreation spaces in our city parks, and ensure they are bicycle and pedestrian accessible.

Please take a moment to learn more on the Green Space Plan website, and fill out the survey here.

Goals & Objectives

  • To increase the value of Culver City Parks to a broader segment of the local community through passive recreation while creating an urban environment that enhances personal and environmental health.
  • Make the city parks and open space more appealing and accessible to seniors, people with disabilities, individuals without children and children not participating in organized sports. Provide passive recreational open space within walking (biking, wheelchair, stroller) distance of all city neighborhoods.
  • Increase social engagement and join the communities that use the parks and open space through these passive recreation sites.
  • Plan for ecologically functional, water-wise, low maintenance spaces and monitor their success, while educating the public about environmental issues (such as water pollution, green house gasses and energy and water conservation) and promoting environmental stewardship through site-specific uses.
  • Use community outreach to ensure that the general public has the opportunity to be engaged in the planning process and get the community’s perspective for their specific needs and wants.
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