– by Steve Herbert

Imagine getting in your car, driving on a newly developed route to your destination only to discover there is absolutely no place available to park. I don’t mean the spaces are all filled, but rather there are no parking spaces! None, zip, nada. Over the past several years bike plans have been taking shape in many cities and regions around us, developing routes to make trips around the city safer and more practical for cyclists. The problem is, in many places there is little or no parking set aside for bikes. For cycling to succeed as a viable transportation option, bicycle parking should be as common as car parking.

Providing bike parking is good business. Bike parking is scalable and inexpensive to build. While some may think it crazy to even suggest removing a single car space, Santa Monica removed 27 car spaces at it’s Santa Monica Place, replacing them with the Santa Monica Bike Center. The Bike Center offers numerous bike services with parking for up to 350 bicycles in a secure setting. Let me say that again, 27 car spaces now are occupied by 350 secure bike spaces. That’s 13 new customers by bike for every one customer who arrived by car. If you own a business ask yourself what would it be worth to your business to get 13 more customers for every parking space you now have?

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