The Expo Authority has run into huge cost overruns and apparently they feel that by not building proposed bicycle facilities at the Expo Station, they can somehow balance their books. 

We are now hearing that bike racks MAY be included, just not at the original location. Racks? That’s it? Strange, because bike facilities were part of the original plan and creating end-of-line facilities is a great way to encourage use of the new trains. A bike station like the new one in Santa Monica would be spectacular, but even one similar to Burbank’s would be great. One of the reasons they may not be addressing this is we have yet to speak out in favor of the facilities. Well today is our lucky day.

Actually, Thursday is.

Please join us in downtown Los Angeles as we attend the next Expo Line board meeting and urge Expo to rethink their priorities and force them to include secured bike parking at the least and a full bike station at most. With enough pressure, maybe we can get them to change course and find other means to balance their budget. Maybe, METRO or CalTrans will pay for it with discretionary funding. In any case, if we don’t ask, we definitely will not get.

December 1st, 2:30pm
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Board of Supervisors’
Hearing Room 381B