Time to Fight for OUR Bike Station….

Santa Monica has one.

Burbank has one.

Culver City does not.

The Expo Authority has run into huge cost overruns and apparently they feel that by NOT building proposed bicycle facilities at the Expo Station, they can somehow balance their books. They have recently made it clear, bike facilities will not be coming to the Expo Station at Robertson.

This is outrageous. The bike facilities are part of the original plan. They have built a bike way along Jefferson connecting La Cienega to the Ballona Creek Bike Path terminus at Sid Kronenthal Park. They are completing the bikeway from Jefferson and National that will connect to Washington. Culver City has created a Downtown connector along this route and has planned improvements coming on Jefferson at the Scenic Overlook. Apparently, even they recognize that people want to use their bicycles instead of their cars to get TO and FROM the Expo Line. So why not create a convenient place to securely lock their bikes when they get there?

Please take a moment and write to the authorities expressing your concern and disappointment. For more information, click HERE

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