Jefferson Collision Follow-up

Culver City PD has completed their investigation into the June collision on Jefferson Blvd. involving an allegedly intoxicated driver hitting 11 cyclists.

Their soon-to-be-released report is fnding the driver at fault and CCPD is pushing for a felony DUI charge. (to be a felony DUI, a driver must A) be intoxicated, B) cause harm to victims and C) be doing something else illegally at the time of the collision.)

Unfortunately, the LAPD is standing by their preliminary report finding the cyclists were at fault. And there is concern that the DA is not convinced the charges will stick and may not pursue the case.

Although CCPD can show the driver was texting and/or calling around the time of the collision, they cannot pinpoint the exact time of the collision. CCPD had a difficult time getting witnesses to come forward to help in this investigation. Our thanks to the investigative officers who took this seriously and ignored LAPD’s preliminary report as they clearly conducted a thorough investigation.

Although there were no deaths, several of the victims were sent to the hospital that night, many have serious, long term injuries while another was on life support for several weeks.

Stay tuned as we pursue additional details.

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2 Responses to Jefferson Collision Follow-up

  1. C says:

    Obviously drunk is drunk and that driver needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. However, this particular ride is known for doing dumb things (alcohol, no helmets, running reds, swarming intersections, etc.) and so I think it’s hard for LAPD to get too exercised about them.

    • culvercitybc says:

      Good points Chris, however the difference between “being known” to do dumb things and “doing dumb things” at the time of the incident is quite large. Texting while driving drunk should trump all behavior in this situation.

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