Safe Routes to School Community Meeting

Safe Routes to School Community Meeting
Saturday, August 20, 10-12, Council Chambers
The Public Works Department, as part of their continuing dialogue with the community in the vicinity of Farragut Elementary, the Middle School, and the High School, as well as the community in the vicinity of La Ballona Elementary School, will host a community meeting on Saturday, August 20th, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers.
The purpose of the meeting is to obtain input on what physical improvements will encourage students and parents to walk and bicycle to and from school and to address existing traffic and parking needs in the vicinity of the schools.  The process of obtaining this feedback may require several meetings, so please come and be heard!
Additionally, Public Works will ask if any of the meeting attendees are interested in being part of a Citywide Safe Routes to School Committee.  This Public Works committee would be a recommending body to the Public Works Director/City Engineer in regards to future Safe Routes to School grant applications and the vision for implementation of the school-specific Safe Routes to School programs.
If you have any questions regarding this invitation, please contact Gabe Garcia, Traffic Engineering Manager, by phone or e-mail at (310) 253-5633 or
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