Ideas from Portland, Oregon

Here are a couple of great ideas I came across on a recent visit to Portland, Oregon.

This covered bicycle parking area takes the place of 1-2 automobile parking spots, and is located on a sidewalk bulbout, which also reduces pedestrian crossing distance:

A local farmer’s market has a small group named Giga-Bike, which has built two bicycle generators to power the music stage:

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3 Responses to Ideas from Portland, Oregon

  1. Bobo says:

    Portland bike rack:

    I’ve visited Portland more than once, so I know it isn’t any safer than any other city, but you don’t really think this work in CC do you? I know I would NEVER leave any of my bikes out of sight for even one moment.

    • culvercitybc says:

      Typically, these are called bike corrals, although the one in the photo is really nice. Long Beach has several of these and they take the place of one car space. You can choose to lock your bike to the corral or not. I guess it depends if you’re just hanging out at he establishment by the corral or wandering around town. They have proven to be very effective. And yes, I do think this could work in CC. Imagine 16 bikes in the space of one car on say, main Street.

  2. The craw says:

    Portland is actually being very progressive about bike safety and bike usage. They did a pilot test on using designated “bike boxes” (a green area on the street pavement) at intersections, to prevent right-turrning traffic from running over bikers. So far, it shows good promise. Portland also has a huge network of designated bike-friendly streets, guiding bikes to use less traffic -heavy streets ( but usually 1-2 blocks away from busy streets).

    The result is a very bike-friendly commute within the city.
    MUCH safer than any other city (except maybe Boulder) i have ever biked in.

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