June Family Ride

The June Family Ride will be on Saturday, June 25 (note day and time change).  We will be doing a short ride from Downtown to the Overland Gate of the Ballona Creek Bike Path, where the mayor and other city officials will be gathering to dedicate the new gate.  After the dedication ceremony, we’ll join Ballona Creek Rennaissance on a ride down the path.

When: Saturday, June 25

  • 9am Gather at Culver Hotel, sign waivers, bike adjustments
  • 9:30am Ride from Downtown to Overland Gate
  • 10am Overland Gate Dedication
  • 11am Ride along Ballona Creek with Ballona Creek Rennaissance

Requirements: Bicycle, helmet and a signed waiver for each rider.

The CCBC hosts family rides each month to highlight the best routes in Culver City.  Join us for fun, friendship and exercise.  The rides are suitable for children and adults alike.

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3 Responses to June Family Ride

  1. Sorry folks, but my older daughter is in a chess tournament that day, so I don’t think we can make this one.

  2. Tuhin says:

    Alex and Ted, while I appreciate your thtfghouul comments and know you guys speak from experience, I must insist that for as vigilant and diligent as you both are, let’s remember that there are no perfect records and at that time and at that place last night what happened to me could have happened to either of you.I suppose that my managing to avoid hitting the vehicle with so little notice of its driver’s intentions might be indicative of me failing the near-impossible task of making eye contact with a driver in the dark of night, or of me not coming to a dead stop, or of me wrongly assuming that the driver saw me. Or all three.But before anyone else armchairs in with the methods they employ to avoid such situations, I’m far more inclined to view the incident less as a reason to critique what I should’ve or could’ve done and instead see it more as proof of the ever-heightened sense of awareness with which I always ride.But then again, I’m biased that way.

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