Bike Corral at CCBC's Bike From Work Pit-Stop

I have to say, it feels absolutely fantastic to block off a parking spot to welcome 17 bikes in the place of a single car. Doing this in front of a pub owned by Culver City’s mayor feels even better. This is how the Culver City Bicycle Coalition celebrated  Bike To Work Day on Thursday, May 19th.

With a bunch of goodies sent by Metro (including bike maps, Bike Week stickers and a ton of Clif Bars), CCBC & LACBC outreach materials, we signed up new members & connected with local cyclists – including Damien Newton from LA Streetsblog. Cyclists received a warm welcome, free food, and time to socialize, swap bike stories, talk advocacy & enjoy the evening at Joxer Daly’s Irish Pub.

Thanks to Metro, Mayor Mehaul O’Leary, his kind staff, and to everyone who came on Thursday for our very first Bike Week event. May it be the first of many!