Happy Earth Week everyone!

Reminder: EARTHFEST LA is this Saturday, 4/23
Come join us at EarthFest LA as we participate in this all day activity at Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area.
• Eco Kids Camp
• Eco Film Festival
• Healthy Lifestyles Pavillion
• Urban Gardening Demos

Bicycle Count Volunteers Needed
As part of the Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative, Culver City, the CCBC, and the LACBC will be conducting bicycle and pedestrian counts this May. The last time counts were done was in 2009, so we need to get out there and document the changes. Your help is needed to complete this important task. Please join us and help Culver City become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Your efforts will help Culver City secure funding for future projects to improve our community!
The counts will be held Wednesday, May 11th at 7 to 9am and 4 to 6pm and Saturday, May 14th from to 12 to 2pm. Let us know what days and times you can help out and if there are any particular intersections you’d like to count at. We’ve attached a list of all of the locations to this email.
Two volunteer training workshops will be conducted at the Senior Center (Overland/Culver) May 8th and 9th It is really important that everyone who helps out with the count attend one of the trainings as it’s where we’ll be passing count forms, providing location details, and making sure we’re all on the same page about how and what to count. Workshops will take about 1 hour to complete.  The time and location of the workshops are to be determined.So please shoot us an email back if you can help out!! We appreciate your help, together we can transform Culver City into a safer and even more livable city.

Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced last week that it will be removing its flat fee for checked bicycles.
Frontier now will include bicycles in the standard baggage allowance, meaning customers can include a bike as one of their two complimentary checked bags. It’s similar to the carrier’s current policy for golf clubs and skis. We applaud this move–believing it will encourage more people to fly with their bicycles–and hope that other airlines follow suit… real soon.