Master Plan Passes!

The Culver City city council has unanimously passed the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan, putting in place a valuable tool from which to build from. Many thanks to everyone who supported it and especially to the PAC, LACBC and Alta for their efforts is preparing and supporting this document for the last 2 years. Stay tuned for updates as we go forward with projects big and small. Culver City has taken the first steps taken cleaner, safer and more bike-friendly community

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5 Responses to Master Plan Passes!

  1. Yay!

    Also thanks to the hard-working Public Works staff – Helen Kerstein, John Rivera, Charles Herbertson.

    After almost 2 years of hard work: we did it!

  2. Brian Treanor says:

    Great work! On behalf of the community, thanks to everyone who worked on this. It’s real yeoman’s labor, and it’s much appreciated!

  3. PlebisPower says:

    Congratulations to Culver City policymakers for adopting the bike plan. That is great news, and not only for Culver City residents and cyclists who pedal though the small Westside city. It’s another indication (were any needed) that Beverly Hills remains the odd city out: Culver City and Santa Monica now have plans in place; Los Angeles is at least on track to adopt an improved plan; and WeHo is convening a task force to work on their plan. In Beverly Hills, our 5-page bike plan (with maps from the 1970s) is an embarrassment to the city and a slap to cyclists and desperately needs to be updated.
    Join us this Sunday at 2pm as our group holds a low-impact ride around the business district in Beverly Hills. We will look at opportunities here for better bike planning and we could use your ideas too. See the details on our Better Bike Beverly Hills site. Ride safe!

  4. Young says:

    Yea for the “master plan”, now all we need to do is get CCPD to like cyclists. I’ve lived in CC my entire 43 years, attended pre-school through HS, volunteered at CCPD as a Police Explorer, and later at the LASO, ride 3 – 4 days a week (Mtn. and road), and NEVER have been sited – yet? But, recently I’ve witnessed the citation of cyclists for the most ridiculous “offences” here in CC. One of these citations prompted me to visit CCPD headquarters immediately after witnessing the “traffic stop”, and ask to speak to someone. The watch commander invited me into his office and we spoke for nearly 20 minutes, me on behalf of a total stranger. The following day I had a nearly hour long conversation with Sgt. Jackson, the officer in charge of “motors” in CC.

    Anyway, I would not count Culver City as a friendly cycling city, not when it comes to over the top, heavy handed enforcement. If you are going to ride your bicycle in CC, even on the quietest residential roads in the city, you’d better know every law, and follow them to the letter or risk a citation.

    A life long resident, a life long cyclist, and someone that no longer rides in his own city.

    • culvercitybc says:

      Fantastic job. This is exactly the kind of dialogue we need. I invite you to join us at our next meeting Tuesday, 2/8 at The Conservatory, 7 a.m. We would like to hear more about your discussions and ideas.

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