3rd Annual LACBC Firefly-Ball 2016


On October 27, 2016, LACBC will honor Culver City Council Member and biking mom, Meghan Sahli-Wells. Meghan is the CO-Founder of The Culver City Bicycle Coalition (now called BikeCulverCity) and will receive The Firefly Ball Innovator Award, presented yearly to a local official whose cycling advocacy efforts have made a broad impact in Los Angeles County.

The 3rd Annual Firefly Ball will be held Thursday, October 27th at The Reserve in downtown Los Angeles. To learn more, get tickets or sponsor a table, go to Fireflyball

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Celebrate Bike Month with Free, Bike to Transit Clinics, Sponsored by Metro!


Metro  eventbrite

Did you know you can take your bike on the train? With the Expo train to Santa Monica almost here, BikeCulverCity with sponsorship from Metro will be hosting a morning and afternoon clinic to demonstrate how easy it is to use local transit to further reduce traffic.

Led by League of American Bicyclist instructors, this 3 hour clinic will cover the following:

  • Planning a Trip To and From The Nearest Metro Station
  • A Brief Overview of The Rules of The Road
  • Proper Helmet Fitting
  • 3 Point Bike Check
  • Stopping, Scanning, Signaling
  • How To Place Your Bike On A Bus Rack
  • How To Properly Lock Your Bike To A Stationary Bike Rack
  • How To Purchase, Load and Use A Metro Tap Card
  • How to Board The Train With Your Bike and Where to Place Your Bike When Boarding The Train

Note: All of the material will be covered in 4 rotating stations ending with an instructor led
bike ride to 1 of 2 Metro Expo light rail stations on opening weekend of Expo Phase II from Culver City to Santa Monica.

Registered participants will receive the following:

  • Goody Bag of goodies from participating sponsors.
  • Certificate of Completion for all registered participants that complete all 4 stations and the instructor led bike ride
  • 1 Raffle Ticket

Click here for more info and for Registration

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BikeCulverCity Meeting Minutes, 4/12/16

BikeCulverCity Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:       April 12, 2016
Meeting Time:      6:30pm                   Day: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
Meeting Location: …..Pitfire Pizza, 12924 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Note: Meeting location subject to changeNext meeting: May 10, 2016 
Meeting Called By:       Wayne Howard                       Chairman
Meeting Purpose: Discuss Chapter Branding and Marketing, Metro Grant, Advocacy, Bike Month in May, New Logo, Upcoming Events, Steering Committee.
Note Taker:                    Wayne Howard                         Chair
Timekeeper:                   Mark Mallare                            Vice Chair
Chapter members present:  David Cole, Cynthia Diaz, Mark Mallare, Alex Fisch, Wayne Howard, Petra Staal, Gary Vogan
LACBC Members Present:
Tamika Butler, Hyeran Pan, Henry Pan, Geri Wilson
Quick summary Items                            
Track council agenda, create means of communicating all things chapter to insure our members are receiving information and Important action alerts, begin engaging members in helping identify high priority streets, create a pathway to communicating with council members.

Logo presented. Logo voted on. Decision made to change font and move final decision to google groups or email.

BikeCulverCity awarded Metro Grant for Bike to Transit event during Bike Month.

BikeCulverCity in Conjunction with Metro to host event at Syd Kronenthal Park on May 22nd.

BikeCulverCity bike valet sponsored by City of Culver City during Metro Expo opening on May 21st at Culver City Station. 10am – 4pm

Applications to join steering committee currently being accepted. Applicants must be present at May 10th meeting. All Culver City chapter members present at May 10th meeting will be eligible to vote. If you would like to Join our Steering Committee please use the following link:

 Steering Committee Application 

Procrass & De Los Reyes LLP, a long time supporter of LACBC and the chapters has agreed to sponsor and provide our bike accident report handouts and mini bandaid kits.

Other sponsors are in talks to support BikeCulverCity but were not finalized at the time of this meeting.

BikeCulverCity to host bike to work and bike from work events throughout Culver City during bike month and bike week.


Sub-Committees:  Have an Idea? Let your voice be heard by clicking a link below and joining one of our many BikeCulverCity Sub-Committees that best interests you.

 BikeCulverCity Advocacy Group

 Rewriting our BikeCulverCity Rules of Governance Group

 BikeCulverCity Centennial Celebration Planning Group

 BikeCulverCity Branding and Marketing Group




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BikeCulverCity Steering Committee Minutes, 3/8

BikeCulverCity Minutes

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
4117 Overland
Next meeting: April 12, 2016

Attendees: Steve Herbert, David Coles, Melodie Bryant, Steve Boyd, Michelle Weiner, Kristen Pawling, Alex Fisch, Mark Mallare, Gary Vogan, Julie Mendel, Wayne Howard

1. Name Change & Decision-Making Process. The LACBC Board did not vote on our name change from Culver City Bicycle Coalition to Bike Culver City last month. Members present discussed the change and process leading up to last month’s Steering Committee vote. There was a consensus that we should go forward with the name change as previously discussed — form a Branding & Marketing Subcommittee to develop a plan and materials, and launch publicly as Bike Culver City in May. Members present also expressed concern at the current size of our Steering Committee. All agreed that the size of the Steering Committee should be addressed as soon as possible through the work of the Rules of Governance Subcommittee. No formal vote was taken.

2. Subcommittees Formed. Our subcommittees are officially formed; descriptions and links to join are below.

– Branding & Marketing. BikeCulverCity is planning to launch during Bike Week in May 2016. This group/sub-committee is for planning all of the branding and marketing (logo, website, brochures, stickers, etc.) for BikeCulverCity. For now, this group will also include event planning with a future goal of creating a separate Events Planning Sub-Committee. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Grants. This group/sub-committee is dedicated to researching and finding available grants that BikeCulverCity could potentially apply for. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Advocacy. As you all know, Culver City is in the midst of many changes. If you’re interested in lending your voice to advocate for a better walkable and bikeable Culver City, this group is for you. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Rewriting our Rules of Governance. We are a chapter of the Los Angeles county Bicycle Coalition and with that comes rules. This group/sub-committee is for anyone interested in helping us write our Rules of Governance for BikeCulverCity. To join this subcommittee, click here.

– Culver City Centennial Celebration. Culver City is celebrating its 100th Birthday this year. This group/sub-committee is for planning how BikeCulverCity plans to be involved. To join this subcommittee, click here.

3. Climate Ride. Join Team LACBC for Climate Ride on the California North Coast this May! Climate Ride California North Coast is a gorgeous cycling adventure that begins in California’s historic Redwood Empire near Eureka, travels along the scenic coast, and ventures into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Climate Ride California is more than a bike trip—it’s an inspiring journey with like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles—the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. This 5-day journey has riders covering 40-70 miles per day of carefully planned routes on scenic back roads. The ride is fully supported, with Climate Ride staff taking care of meals, snacks, mechanical support, luggage transport, and other logistics. The dates for 2016 are May 22 to May 26.

When you join Team LACBC and choose LACBC as your sole beneficiary, a portion of the money you raise will support LACBC’s — and BikeCulverCity’s — work to make LA County and Culver City in particular a healthy, safe, and fun place to ride a bike. Each rider has to raise a minimum of $2,800 — don’t worry if that sounds intimidating! Team LACBC has lots of experience in this area and can help you reach your fundraising goals. To learn more about Climate Ride and join Team LACBC, click here.

Next meeting: April 12, 2016

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Call for Subcommittee Volunteers!


The Culver City Bicycle Coalition is forming four subcommittees to more effectively accomplish our organizational, outreach and advocacy goals — and we need your help! We are looking for volunteers to chair these subcommittees, which are:

  • Rules of Governance (ROG) Subcommittee — rewrite our chapter Rules of Governance
  • Rebranding Subcommittee — develop a launch plan and other materials for our name change to Bike Culver City, which we plan to publicly launch in May 2016
  • Advocacy Subcommittee — organize our advocacy efforts around new developments, public works projects and other changes that affect safe, bike-friendly streets and/or the implementation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Centennial Subcommittee — coordinate our involvement in (and outreach around) Culver City’s upcoming Centennial Celebration

If you are interested in chairing one of these subcommittees, please email us at ccbicyclecoalition@gmail.com no later than Tuesday, March 1.

If you are interested in joining one of these subcommittees, please email us at ccbicyclecoalition@gmail.com, but note that this is not your only opportunity to join a subcommittee.

In an effort to meet a few deadlines and set a few itineraries, all subcommittees will be formed at our next public meeting, scheduled for March 8th, 2016. If you are unable to attend our next public meeting, don’t worry, you can still join a subcommittee and contribute to the changes that are taking place in Culver City.

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CCBC Steering Committee Minutes, 2/2

CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Samosa House East

Attendees: Wayne Howard, Mark Mallare, Jim Shanman, Eric Bruins, David Coles, Michelle Weiner, Craig Tabita, Petra Staeel, Steve Herbert, Julie Mendel, Gary Vogan, Patrick Murray, Karim Sahli

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

  1. Voting Eligibility & January’s Motions. Chairman Wayne Howard clarified that, based on our current Rules of Governance (available here), only members of the Steering Committee are eligible to bring, second and vote on motions. (Chairman Wayne Howard, Co-Chair Mark Mallare and Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel currently comprise the Steering Committee.) This rule thus invalidates the second two motions approved during January’s meeting (one that creates four subcommittees and one that establishes a process for identifying subcommittee chairs). These two motions were not seconded by a member of the Steering Committee. To correct these, the Steering Committee voted on the following motions:
  • A. After discussion regarding the necessity of putting a cap on the size of subcommittees, Chairman Wayne Howard brought a motion to establish four subcommittees (a Rules of Governance Subcommittee, a Rebranding Subcommittee, an Advocacy Subcommittee and a Centennial Subcommittee), each requiring a minimum of two members and with no limit on the maximum number of members. Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel seconded this this motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by unanimous vote.
  • B. Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel brought a motion to put out an electronic call for subcommittee chairs, with the deadline to hear back from interested parties as March 1. Co-Chair Mark Mallare seconded this motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by unanimous vote.
  1. 8777 Washington Blvd. Chairman Wayne Howard and Member Jim Shanman met with the PR representative of the firm developing the lot on Washington and National where Surfas Culinary District currently stands. (To see renderings of the proposed project and sign up for updates, see here.) Wayne and Jim briefed the representative on concerns about the development from a cyclist/pedestrian perspective, and suggested the developer consider putting in a two-way cycle track to safely connect Washington to Venice and a bike rental program for residents. Members present also discussed possibility of hosting a bike valet during the next community meeting, for which a date has not been set. We will be sure to let members know when the date for the next community meeting is announced.
  1. Name Change. Chairman Wayne Howard brought a motion to bring CCBC’s planned name change to Bike Culver City to the next LACBC Board meeting (Wednesday, Feb 10) for their approval. After a lengthy discussion, Co-Chair Mark Mallare seconded the motion. The motion passed the Steering Committee by a 2-1 vote.

If you would like to bring items to the Steering Committee’s attention between meetings – or have any questions, comments or feedback – please contact us at ccbicyclecoalition@gmail.com.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 8, 2016. For a full list of our public meetings in 2016, see this list. Our meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.

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CCBC Steering Committee Minutes, 1/12

CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Kay N’ Dave’s

Attendees: Tamika Butler, Cynthia Rose, Jim Shanman, Wayne Howard, Michelle Weiner, Melodie Bryant, David Coles, Patrick Murray, Paloma Gonzalez, Eric Bruins, Hyeran Lee, Alex Fisch, Craig Tabita, Mark Mallare, Julie Mendel

Next meeting: February 2, 2016.

After a lengthy discussion regarding the past, present and future trajectory of the Culver City Bicycle Coalition, members present voted on the following motions:

1) Chairman Wayne Howard brought a motion to amend the meeting notes from 12/8/2015 to include that we will not take the Rules of Governance or name change to the LACBC Board until the following conditions have been met: two subcommittees, one to work on rewriting the Rules of Governance and the other to work on a rebranding strategy with the plan of re-launching as Bike Culver City by May 2016, are formed, and that the subcommittees develop a draft ROG and launch plan, respectively, that are approved by the larger group. Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel seconded this motion. Members present voted to approve this motion.

2) Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel brought a motion to establish four subcommittees, the two referenced in Motion 1 — a Rules of Governance (ROG) Subcommittee and a Rebranding Subcommittee — and two additional subcommittees suggested by discussion among the members present: an Advocacy Subcommittee and a Centennial Subcommittee (Culver City’s centennial celebration is this year). Member Patrick Murray seconded this motion. Members present voted to approve this motion.

3) Secretary/Treasurer Julie Mendel brought a motion to establish a process for identifying chairs for these subcommittees. The motion proposed that we send out a call for chairs via email, Facebook, and LACBC communications, asking interested parties to contact ccbicyclecoalition@gmail.com by February 1. Member Patrick Murray seconded this motion. Members present voted to approve this motion.


#1. Revision: All Subcommittee proposals are approved by the Steering Committee, not the Larger group.

#2. is invalid and should be noted as such. All Motions and Seconding of motions can only come from the Steering Committee. We will correct this Motion at our next meeting.

#3. is invalid and should be noted as such. All Motions and Seconding of motions can only come from the Steering Committee. We will correct this Motion at our next meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 2nd. (Our meetings are typically the second Tuesday of every month, but we are moving up February’s meeting so our Co-Chair, Mark Mallare, can be present.) Meeting agenda and location will be circulated closer to the date.

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